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Check your email: Canvas invitation

Aug 16 ·
  • accept Canvas invitation

Check your email!

Aug 3 ·

See the email from Kiki Spaulding ( sent this morning.

  • respond with any dietary restrictions you may have so we can plan food options accordingly

Check your email!

Jun 8 ·
  • Complete the 2022 Cohort Student Survey
  • Join the BISB Discord Server
  • Reply-all

Check your email!

May 9 ·

You should have received an email from the BISB Graduate Program Coordinator, Fran Perez Estrada (, with information on the following.

  1. Activating your UCSD Email Account
  2. Enrolling in Fall Courses
  3. Obtaining a UCSD Campus ID Card
  4. Arranging your housing
  5. Connecting with the International Students & Programs Office (ISPO)

First Announcement

May 1 ·

Hello world!