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UC San Diego Onboarding

Table of contents

  1. Setup your UCSD Student account
  2. Enroll in Fall courses
  3. Obtain your Campus ID card
  4. Graduate Student Orientation
  5. For International Students
  6. Health Screening and Insurance
  7. Establish California Residency for Tuition Purposes
  8. Additional Questions

Setup your UCSD Student account

See instructions to Activate and Access your New Student Account from UCSD IT Support. After completion, you should have a PID (Personal IDentification number) in the format A########, a @ucsd email address, and functioning DUO two-step login.

Emails from Bootcamp Instructors, as well as future emails from BISB will be sent to your @ucsd email.

See the Computer Accounts and Resources on the BISB program website for additional information including setting up your UCSD Zoom account and campus network access.

Enroll in Fall courses

The Schedule of Classes, which lists courses available for the quarter, for Fall 2022 will be made available on Tuesday, May 17th.

You can find the Schedule of Classes, along with other important services, on the My TritonLink Tools page. You will be able to enroll in classes beginning Friday, May 20th, at 8:00 AM PT.

You may enroll in courses online using WebReg, which can also be found on My TritonLink Tools. You can find enrollment dates, and many other important dates and deadlines, on the UCSD Enrollment & Registration Calendar. We highly recommended you bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on important deadlines.

NOTE: Registration can always be changed later. As such, it is not urgently required that you enroll in classes.

That being said, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) courses tend to fill up quickly, so we suggest starting to explore these. If a CSE course of interest is full, many students have found success in emailing the professor.

In addition, many courses – particularly MED BMI courses – are not listed on WebReg until closer to the start of the Fall quarter.

More advice on courses will be relayed during Bootcamp. Course requirements can be found on the BISB program website.

Obtain your Campus ID card

As a graduate student, you should make sure to obtain a UCSD Campus ID Card. You can find information about how to get your first ID card on the UCSD Campus Card Office website.

In order to obtain your ID card, you will need to provide a picture (instructions at the above link) and then pick up your ID card from the Campus Card Office when you arrive on campus.

BISB will not be distributing cards, so you must pick up the ID card directly from the Campus Card Office yourself. You will need to provide your campus ID card at the Graduate Division Resource Fair in September, so you should plan to pick up your ID card before then.

Graduate Student Orientation

The UCSD Graduate Division office has a short online orientation designed to support incoming graduate students and facilitate a successful transition to graduate school. This course will be accessible through the UCSD Canvas website once the university sets up your UCSD account, so keep an eye out for additional emails from the Graduate Division. You can also find more information on the Graduate Division website.

For International Students

An additional orientation is hosted by the International Students & Programs Office (ISPO). You will receive an email from them when that orientation happens. here are resources available for completing the immigration and visa process for study in the United States. We have included the steps that ISPO recommends that you take below:

  1. Requesting Your Immigration Documentation
  2. Preparing for Your Arrival to UCSD
  3. Upon Your Arrival at UCSD

If you have questions about your visa, CPT, OPT, etc., we encourage you to speak with ISPO as they are the visa experts on campus. You can find their contact information on the ISPO website.

Health Screening and Insurance

  1. Look over and submit all health screenings and immunization requirements.
  2. All students are automatically enrolled in the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP). If you would like to opt-out of UCSHIP, you must explicitly specify (the university emails all graduate students every year to request optional opt-out). You can learn more on the UCSHIP page.

Establish California Residency for Tuition Purposes

The University of California requires students to be California residents to receive lower in-state tuition. To be considered a California resident, you must demonstrate your intent of residence and submit appropriate documentation to the university. See UCSD’s About Residence for Tuition Purposes page for more information.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions on academics, funding, or other aspects of BISB, our graduate program coordinator has graciously alloted time for special 1:1 advising. These sessions are not mandatory. If you are interested in this, feel free to schedule a meeting via Calendly.