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Parking at UCSD

Like at any college campus, parking can be an adventure and is not free. Included here is where to park for bootcamp and a few options on how to pay for parking.

Parking during bootcamp

The two closest parking structures to the Medical Education and Telemedicine (MET) building are Osler and Gilman parking structures.

With the graduate student parking pass or the daily parking pass with the Park Mobile app, you can park in any B spot!

Parking Passes

10 day or Consecutive Day (30-365 days) permit. The Consecutive Day permit replaces legacy monthly, quarterly and annual options. You can purchase these permits here.

Daily Parking

To pay for a daily graduate student permit, sign up for the Park Mobile app with your ucsd email! To get the graduate student rate ($5.35/day), type the zone code ‘47300’ into the ‘Search Zones’ bar (Save this code as a favorite!). The app should show you ‘01:00’ days. If it does not show you $5.35 for a single day pass, please contact UCSD parking and request your account to be labeled as a ‘graduate student’.

Free ways to get to campus during the quarter

The trolley is free for students (during the quarter) by obtaining a U-Pass through the Pronto app. Parking at trolley stops is free (but limited) and then riding the train is free!

UCSD’s transportation and parking info for graduate students page provides information on the Triton U-Pass program for public transit access, carpools options, parking permits, cycling benefits, and more.