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Summer Seminar Series

This seminar series is intended to be a forum for BISB and BMI faculty to share their research and for incoming students to learn about the research opportunities available.

Each session will host two faculty members, where they will present their research in 20-25 minute and answer 5-10 minutes of guided Q&A. The BISB graduate program coordinator will notify the BISB Program mailing list in the days ahead of each seminar, including information about the presenters and a password-protected link to the Zoom meeting.

If you are unable to attend a seminar or you would like to rewatch a talk, we will post recordings here.


Thursday, June 23  FlyerRecording

Wolfgang Busch, PhD

Professor, Hess Chair in Plant Science, Salk Institute

"Decoding Root Growth to Address Climate Change"

Research terms: Systems Genetics of Root Growth, Plant Based Carbon Sequestration

Graham McVicker, PhD

Assistant Professor, Rentschler Developmental Chair, Salk Institute

"Using genome perturbations to decipher genetic variants with associated with immune traits"

Research terms: CRISPR, genome perturbations, genetic variation, human genetics, bioinformatics

Thursday, June 30  FlyerRecording

Tsung-Ting (Tim) Kuo, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Informatics

"Biomedical Predictive Modeling on Blockchain"

Research terms: healthcare, blockchain, predictive modeling

Qi (Rose) Yu, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

"Mean aortic pressure forecasting with deep sequence models"

Research terms: cardiovascular, deep learning, time series, forecasting

Thursday, July 07  FlyerRecording

Yatish Turakhia, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Pandemic-scale Phylogenetics"

Research terms: COVID-19 Phylogenetics, Phylogenetic placement, Phylogenetic tree optimization, SARS-CoV-2 recombination

Vineet Bafna, PhD

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

"Extrachromosomal DNA in cancer"

Research terms: Cancer genomics, Population genetics, algorithms for computational biology

Thursday, July 14  FlyerRecording

Kathleen (Kit) Curtius, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Medicine

"Quantitative modeling of cancer evolution and early detection"

Research terms: mathematical modeling, pre-cancer evolution, translational bioinformatics

Chris Benner, PhD

Assistant Professor, Deptartment of Medicine

"Deciphering the cis-regulatory grammar of transcription initiation"

Research terms: transcription, TSS, motif finding, cis-regulatory grammar, transcription factors

Thursday, July 21  FlyerRecording

Nathan Lewis, PhD

Associate Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Bioengineering

"Individuals can expose the social network of cells: Linking single cells to phenotypes with single cell omics"

Rob Knight, PhD

Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Bioengineering, and Computer Science and Engineering

"Microbiome research in the Knight Lab and at the Center for Microbiome Innovation"

Research terms: microbiology, DNA sequencing, ecology and computer science

Thursday, July 28  FlyerRecording

Ferhat Ay, PhD

Associate Professor of Computational Biology, La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI)

"Computational methods for studying the 3D organization of the human genome"

Research terms: 3D genome, Hi-C, HiChIP, enhancers, genetic variants

Ron Evans, PhD

Professor, Head of Gene Expression Laboratory, Salk Institute

"A universal gut microbiome signature predicts non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)"

Thursday, August 04  FlyerRecording

Matteo D'Antonio, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Medicine

"Understanding the associations between genetic variation and complex traits in diverse and admixed individuals"

Research terms: human genetics; genome-wide association studies; genetic variation

Christine Cheng, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

"Single cell transcriptomics for opioid use disorder and Alzheimer's disease"

Research terms: single cell transcriptomics/epigenetics, 3D brain organoid, Alzheimer’s disease, opioid addiction, HIV

Thursday, August 11  FlyerRecording

Alon Goren, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

"Development of tools for interrogating the in vivo dynamic interactions of biomolecules"

Research terms: epigenomic mechanisms; basic and disease biology; technological innovations and computational analyses

Jill Mesirov, PhD

Professor, Department of Medicine

"Computational approaches to the understanding and treatment of cancer"

Research terms: cancer genomics, precision medicine, computational biology, software tools

Thursday, August 18  FlyerRecording

Eran Mukamel, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Cognitive Science

"Neuronal epigenomes and cognitive diversity"

Research terms: Epigenome, Brain Development, DNA Methylation, Single cells

Bing Ren, PhD

Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

"Single cell epigenome analysis in health and disease"

Research terms: Epigenetics, Gene Regulation, 3D genome, Brain, Cancer

Thursday, August 25  FlyerRecording

Hannah Carter, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics

"Variant interpretation for applications in precision cancer medicine"

Research terms: Precision cancer medicine, immunotherapy, variant interpretation, gene regulatory networks, machine learning

Christian Metallo, PhD

Professor, Salk Institute M-CBL and UCSD Department of Bioengineering (Adjunct)

"Exploring metabolic drivers of disease from gene to flux"

Research terms: amino acids, lipid, metabolic flux, enzyme promiscuity, cancer, neuropathy

Thursday, September 01  FlyerRecording

Gen-Sheng Feng, PhD

Professor of Pathology and Molecular Biology

"Bioinformatic analysis of liver development and cancer"

Research terms: Anti-oncogenic roles of classic oncoproteins, molecular mechanisms of liver cancer initiation, liver cancer immunotherapy

Abraham Palmer, PhD

Professor & Vice Chair for Basic Research, Department of Psychiatry

"Using outbred rats for genome-wide association studies"

Research terms: behavioral genetics, psychiatric genetics, substance abuse, impulsivity, human genetics, rat genetics, mouse genetics

Thursday, September 08  FlyerRecording

Vikas Bansal, PhD

Associate Professor, Division of Genome Information Sciences (Pediatrics), School of Medicine

"Variant calling in low-copy repeats in the human genome"

Research terms: variant calling, DNA sequencing technologies, long repeats, duplicated genes

Siavash Mirarab, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Algorithmic methods for analyzing genome skimming and metagenomic data"

Research terms: Genome skimming, Metagenomics, Phylogenetics, Algorithmic development

Seminars will take place 12:00 PM-1:00 PM every Thursday from June 23rd until September 8th.


If you’re having trouble setting up Zoom, follow instructions for downloading Zoom and associating it with your UCSD account.

Please contact the bootcamp instructors if you have any questions or if you are having difficulties accessing this seminar.